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China-Mongolia-Russia Economic, Trade and Cultural Carnival

S L Date: 2020-11-19 15:09:49    

On November 15, 2020, the highly anticipated China-Mongolia-Russia Economic and Trade Carnival, the 60th Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the China Lin General Chamber of Commerce were launched. The press conference was held in Luhu Hot Spring Resort, Foshan city, Guangdong Province, and in Beijing, Ulan Bator and Moscow both online and offline.

The outline of the plan for building a china-mongolia-russia economic corridor signed under the joint witness of the heads of state of China, Mongolia and Russia marks the official implementation of the first multilateral economic cooperation corridor under the "One Belt And One Road", which is of great significance. To deepen cooperation in various fields, ACFC and the Government of the Russian Federation have established closer economic and Trade cooperation through contracting parties,strategically support the launch Press conference organized by the BBQ International Association of Jade Cutters and Jewelers , The Federation of Motion Picture Producers in Asia -Pacific, the World Lin General Chamber of Commerce.  At the same time, it has received strong support from governments, institutions and enterprises such as deputy Prime Minister of Buryatia Republic of Russia, Federation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Russia, National Federation of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia, Baikal Economic Development Zone of Russia and JOEONE Group,etc., The conference invited The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Buryatia of Russia Mr Bair Tsyrenov,  The Consul of Russian Federation Consulate General in Guangzhou Mr.Vladimir Mitypov, Vice President of the World Lin      General Chamber of Commerce, Secretary General of China Branch, Mr.Runlong Lin, Chairman of The Federation of Motion Picture Producers in Asia -Pacific,Mr.Shiyan Yang, Vice Secretary General Of theThe Federation of Motion Picture Producers in Asia -Pacific Xiaoping Wang, and chief producer of the natural environment documentary of Lake Baikal in Russia Mr.Igor Dobrovolsky,vice President of Russia METROPOL Group Mr.Sergey Dorosh. International President of BAIKALIKA Group, Russia, Mr.Ivan Shevelyov, Russia BAIKALIKA Group Regional President of Southeast Asia Mr.Sergey Mozulev, Vice President of Investment and operation of The Russian Special Economic Zone, Roman Pisarev. founder and CEO of Ross Royale company Ltd., and former Head of the China Office of the Russian Far East Investment and Trade Development Agency.Mr.Viktor Kiprianov, Chairman of BBQ International Association of Jade Cutters and Jewelers, Mr. Boris Titov, vermont Christan  schools in the United States, President Mr. Luis Castillo, former director of the office of the Ministry of Education,China, Mr Yipeng Lin, Beidou group President of guangdong (guangdong province CPPCC) Mr  Qiucheng Lin, Chairman of Meton food co., LTD., ( guangdong CPPCC ) Mr.Yihong Lin as well as 100  association and outstanding entrepreneurs of foshan city to attend.

The conference was held at 3:00 p.m. kicked off by a Chinese Kongfu tai chi Show, the new culture project - "BBQ Tai chi" by co-founder Mr.Weijian Zou who was born in Foshan city,the Chinese Kongfu Town. the official start of the conference in the majestic national anthem louder music. The host read out the congratulatory telegram which from the Honourable Founder President of American Chinese Friendship Council(ACFC) Mr,C.C.Change, Consultant and Former Chairman of Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese, Mr.Lin Jun, President of China National Studies Center, former director of the State Council special inspectors (minister-level) Mr. LiuJi, former vice minister of China propaganda ministry and former secretary of the Party Committee of The Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Mr.Hu Zhenmin, Mr. Lin Congying, chairman of JOEONG Group, and congratulatory messages sent from other leaders.

Conference announced that from 2020-2023 use three years time, in the construction of practical deeply involved in China Mongolia Russia's economic corridor, meanwhile, to host “Charming enterprises”invitational tournament as well as series events  around the China Mongolia Russia economic, trade and cultural carnival and related activities,  conference preview of the first heavyweight international activities: around the world share mutual protection, human 1/5 "Lake Baikal water resources:" the future of humanity, the earth and clean water "theme activities.

Reporters learned that rely on China Mongolia Russia's economic, trade and cultural carnival, in the 60th Asia Pacific film festival, the China Lin General Chamber of Commerce ‘s global resource advantage, docking based on the real economy, the industrial cluster of Foshan, the organizing committee of BBQ global summit forum choose Foshan city as the Demonstration City of Global Resources matching up base. Authorizing to establish of BBQ Foshan city economic trade cooperation office to power transformation and upgrading of enterprises and sustainable development.