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Who we are

American Chinese Friendship Council

S L Date: 2016-04-11 11:25:35    

American Chinese Friendship Association (ACFA), is authorized by California government, USA. American Chinese Friendship Association is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. In 2016, American Chinese Friendship Association is formally renamed as American Chinese Friendship Council (ACFC). This rename marks a significant upgrade for American Chinese Friendship Council to become a more powerful international organization, which covers areas of world culture, education, science, finance, investment, merger & acquisition and cooperation of different nations.  


With numerous years’ leadership and hard work by Founder & Charter C.C. Chang, ACFC has built intimate friendship relationships with the U.S. presidents, the U.S. Congress, Members of State Legislature, State governments, nation's industry and commerce associations as well as various fields such as finance, investment, business, culture, education, etc. At the same time, ACFC has built and maintained good friendships with China Central Government, province governments, municipal governments and local governments as well as Chinese Leaders.


Taking advantage of connections with all sectors and high-level relationships among numerous nations, ACFC positively help Chinese, U.S., Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan governments and civil institutions build cooperation connections as well as organize different-level culture, trade and economy communication activities.   


ACFC continuously contributes strengths to promote world peace and global regional cooperation.